Sounds and Futures

Sounds and Futures

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15 November 2021
From a hike at Hickory Run State Park

the Lehigh roars in its gorge
on a grey sky mid-November day
wind blows through the beeches
dried leaves rustle on the branch
the sound of falling rain – only
there is no rain just wind
one leaf swings and strikes no partner
no rustle or quake to join the din – only
the ache of the stem holding against hope
gripping and groaning

I know its future
floating to earth to join the others, crackling
as it lands to nourish the tree that once
nourished it
telling the future does the leaf
no good no confidence no release
only the ache holding against hope

I know the future for many things
the dog will flush a pheasant
the pheasant will rise with beating wings
the sleet will fall tinkling on the dry leafbed
telling the future does them
no good – any confidence and release
is only the urgency of being

one day the leaf will cease groaning
release false hope and finally die
will it swing free and find its partners
in the urgency of being
live again