Surprised by Grace

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Rev. Greg Henneman, Director of Healthy Eating and
Living, reflects on the ‘divine economy of abundance’ at CD4AP:
We call it a divine economy of God’s abundance. It could
more simply be called faith. A faith I am still learning to live in to.

Every week at Community Development For All People, I’ve
seen this practice in action. Opportunities are lifted up in prayer and prayers
are answered. This may not be a new concept, I’ve just never seen it so deeply
ingrained as organizational praxis.

On a recent morning, only three people were around to unload
10,000 pounds of produce. How would we process, stock, and distribute food to a
hundred people? By mid-morning the market was bustling with volunteers, some I
had never seen before who worked tirelessly. We went from undermanned to
overwhelmed. A divine economy of God’s abundance.