Syrian Refugee Reunited with Family

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One Syrian refugee knew what it was a like to help others in need. Now, thanks in part to Morrow Memorial United Methodist Church, he knows and appreciates what it’s like to receive help in his time of need.
This Syrian refugee, a former successful businessman in Damascus, was reunited with his wife and three children in the U.S. just before Thanksgiving. The man who spoke on the condition of anonymity for this story was lucky enough to have a work visa to reach the U.S. while fleeing for his life nearly two and a half years ago. He now feels more fortunate to have a family again thanks to the kind people in the Maplewood, N.J., congregation.
“Without the help of this church, I did not have a chance to do anything,” the refugee said. “They made everything possible.”
The refugee said it was not only the material things that Morrow provided, like food, clothes and a place to live that mattered, but the caring and emotional support that means a lot to him and his family, which arrived the day before Thanksgiving.
By Jeff Wolfe, Greater New Jersey Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church