Teaching from the heart

Teaching from the heart

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November 30, 2023  By A. Broncano

When I was called to become a deaconess of The United Methodist Church, I knew that God had given me new opportunities to help and lead young people to serve the church and the wider community through the ministry of teaching. When God called me to become a missionary, I knew that was also a Kairos time for me to participate in the missio Dei in another place where I see myself as an instrument of expressing God’s love to the world.

The mission work here in Southeast Asia poses challenges. The United Methodist Church has not been recognized by the government, making it difficult to conduct church activities in rural areas. Registration has been our hope since this mission began in 2009. It takes a lot of creativity among missionaries and the local leadership to engage in church work without compromising the security of our local pastors. In this situation, I see the faithfulness and the zealousness of our local pastors to witness and minister to their own people, despite difficulties and limitations.

I have joined them in many of their activities, such as visiting the sick in the hospital, praying at home, worshipping in different house churches and visiting their farms. As I join with other missionaries visiting villages, I see the need for a holistic development framework. Not only church planting but also meeting the basic needs of people. The promise of abundant life should be experienced in the here-and-now.

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