Team Works

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I LOVE playing on and working in teams!  And I have really enjoyed the team work I
have experienced over the past month. 
From the Labor for the Lord work day to the youth back-to-school party,
the soccer game at the church picnic, visiting our homebound partnered with
members of the church, the Confirmation kick off dinner, the beginning of the
choir season, the newsletter prep team, and the worship service at Smith Health
Care (with a team of 5 plus our members who live there).  I am also enjoying the privilege of coaching a
team of 6 year old soccer phenoms! 
Today, as I polish off my part of the newsletter, I am in York visiting with Mom and Dad Grimm (Robin’s folks) while
Robin is in Ghana.  After my departure, Suzanne received a call
in the office that one of our members was actively dying.  She was able to call upon two of our members
who have gone visiting with me and both were able to visit the family and bring
the prayers and presence of Jesus and our church with them.  Team works! 
It is the body of Christ in action! (From Sept 24)