Temporary Learning Centers in Nepal

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A young boy in Kathmandu, Nepal.
In the aftermath of the April earthquake in Nepal, estimates show that nearly 1 million children ages 3 to 18 are unable to return to school. 

About 587 of the 608 school buildings in the district of Dhading, for example, were badly damaged, as were 26 schools in the villages of Pida and Mahadevsthan. 

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), understands that without a stable environment for learning, children cannot regain a sense of normalcy and stability. UMCOR is partnering with United Mission to Nepal (UMN) to build 10 temporary learning centers. Children will study here until their schools are rehabilitated, a process that could take months, if not years. 

The temporary learning centers will accommodate 1,740 children and ensure a structured setting, where children who have experienced the trauma of the earthquake can focus, learn, and grow. The learning centers also will keep the children active and help them avoid developmental and behavioral problems, which can happen in post-disaster situations. 

Gifts to International Disaster Response, Advance #982450, make it possible for UMCOR to respond to emergency situations like that of the Nepal earthquake.