Thanks UM ARMY!

Thanks UM ARMY!

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Dear Friends,

We are sending this letter of appreciation to the volunteers from Trucksville United Methodist Church, Christ United Methodist Church of Mountaintop, and United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth (U.M. ARMY) that visited our home July 2021.  Our family is humbled to accept the gifts of time and hard work generously given throughout the day.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that was done.

Throughout the week, the UM ARMY mission acted as the hands and feet of our Lord and your efforts were amazing. It was an extremely hot and humid day to undertake a day of clean up, repairs, and renovations, but from the very beginning it was apparent the weather would not interfere.   We really appreciated how project information was collected, instructions were provided, and groups disbursed onto a multitude of tasks.    Trees were pruned, structures were dismantled, garages were cleaned, trails were cleared, and a porch with matching benches was painted.  And to top it all off, a heavy stone walkway was excavated and built.  The work was difficult and surely required a strong and effective team or should we say ARMY?

We would like to extend special words of appreciation to the adults that took the time to love us throughout the day.  We were overwhelmed and as we write this today, still are.  Your kindness and interest in our life and needs was comforting. Thank you for taking the time to care and support the youth throughout the week.  Your leadership and expertise were physically, emotionally, and spiritually impactful.  While the world rushes by with a hurried pace, you demonstrated how taking the time to support members of the community provides the most rewarding opportunities.

Most importantly, we must express our heartfelt appreciation to the youth present.  Wow!!  You were amazing!  You accomplished so much and worked remarkably well together.  The day you dedicated to our home was incredible. Through you, we now see that we have something to offer our community, too.  We hope that our home may be used by more missions and teams as a place to share, learn, and grow.  We cherish the time you spent with us.  You are the light.  Never doubt what you can do individually and together.  Believe and you will accomplish the unbelievable.

Thank you everyone so very much for all that you did.  You have blessed us richly. We are both humbled and lifted up by your outward expression of love and kindness.

We hope to share our paths with each of you again.

May God Bless You and Yours.