The Lighthouse Update

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An update from Carrie Haverlock of our ministry partner The Lighthouse:

Hello everyone!

NUMBERS: Lighthouse has been doing very well!! When we finished the year last May, 90
children were on our roster and we had two children come to know Lord as their
personal savior! We are only three months into the school year and we have had
a little over 150 children come through the lighthouse and are consistently
having 50 to 55 children every Tuesday -Thursday

SALVATION AT LIGHTHOUSE: During the school year the children get to participate in many different
things. This year I arranged for the Daraja Children’s choir of Africa came to
the lighthouse. The choir consist of a group of 18 children from Uganda plus an
American staff from the ministry called the 410 bridge. The 18 children put on
a small worship concert for our children and Intern we got to sing for them. It
was a great night! However the best part of the evening was when I had a little
girl from Uganda touch my arm ask me to come over to where she and another girl
from Uganda and the Daraja choir director were talking to one of my Lighthouse
girls named A’. A’ is a quiet 12 year old girl who has been coming to
Lighthouse since September. She brings with her about five other children.
Lately I’ve been watching her at lighthouse especially during our small group
time and I could tell she has been really searching and listening. Well this
night November 16 two girls from the Daraja choir gave 
A’ the gospel and I
was able to lead her to the Lord!! And all God’s people said AMEN!

WHY I’M HERE: Friends, I can’t thank you enough for supporting me on this journey! This is no
easy task the Lord has brought to me. Right after the salvation there was a
major fight that broke out between two girls which has been happening more
frequently. But this is why I’m here. There are so many children who are just
like A’, searching for Hope and that’s what we are providing the children
with…. The hope of Jesus! 

The day after the choir was there I was able to share with the older children
this simple truth.

Because Daraja loves ( Jesus. )
They are able to have a lot of ( Joy. )
Even though they don’t have. ( much)

And then I changed it

Because Lighthouse loves (. Jesus)
We are able to have a lot of (joy)
Even though we don’t have (much)

And slowly one heartbeat at a time they are understanding that they too can
have joy in Jesus despite their circumstances!!!!

Pray for A’ she started growing in her faith I was able to give her a
bible and I attached the bottom picture in the front of her bible.
Pray for the children’s behavior
Pray for the volunteers that are so faithfully coming to Lighthouse and pour
into the children week after week
Pray for a girl named S’ who just told a classmate to let Miss Carrie know
that she was just taken into foster care and won’t be able to come to
Lighthouse at this time and that she was very sad
Pray that God will provide me with wisdom as I need to figure out a better way
to run our program since we are quickly running out of space where we are
Pray for the Monday morning women’s Bible study that the women will continue to
grow in the Lord as their needs are many

Urgent: Please be in constant prayer for my support. Lighthouse is doing great taking
up every moment of my time planning and executing the daily needs but it won’t
be able to continue if my support doesn’t show a significant increase soon. If
you know of anyone who would like to join in this ministry please send me their
information in a separate email or feel free to share this with them. Here’s
the website

BLESSED: I am so blessed to have this opportunity to share the love of Christ to a
community that is so dark. I’m so blessed to have such a great team of
supporters. The lighthouse would not be able to exist this long without your
love and support!

Thank you!
All for Jesus