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The UMCOR team

. 1 min read

Morgan Richards is the monitoring and evaluation technical officer with UMCOR’s International Programs, providing support to UMCOR’s country offices. 

Richards, who recently joined the UMCOR team, says, “Coming from a family of Methodists, UMCOR was a household name for me growing up, so I’m really excited to be here.”

About her work, she explains, “My job is to make sure that we document how UMCOR impacts people’s lives, so we can prove our work is effective. We are constantly learning how to serve vulnerable communities even better. I love this work, and doing it to strengthen UMCOR’s ministry is one of the greatest honors I can imagine.” 

Richards has a Master’s degree in Sociology, with a research focus on international development and women’s empowerment. Before joining UMCOR, she worked as a monitoring and evaluation officer for local nongovernmental organizations in Mombasa, Kenya.