Touching Africa

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I am a volunteer with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, based out of Harrisburg, PA.  In addition to sending life-saving medicine, we also send 4 or 5 cargo containers full of medical supplies and equipment to our partner clinics in Africa each year.
Mission Central is one of our biggest suppliers of medical supplies.  I make the trip to Mission Central in Mechanicsburg about once a month to pick up hospital beds, adult diapers, sterile operating drapes, crutches, canes, wheel chairs, potty-seats and orthopedic supplies.  Ray Harden and Jean Norris know what AFCA needs and these items are held for us until the time when I can come to pick them up.  These two people are our ‘eyes and ears on the inside’ for AFCA.
Last summer, a doctor’s office closed down and all of the supplies ended up at Mission Central.  There must have been over 150 boxes of supplies.  I received a call that these items were up for grabs so I arrived at Mission Central the very next day, gathering the things most useful to AFCA.  What makes this situation so special is this came at a time when AFCA was desperate for supplies and we were thinking about postponing the next container.  However, due to Mission Central’s flood of supplies, we were able to send that container right on schedule.  As always, God’s timing is perfect!