UMCOR approves over $46 million in grants!

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By Bella Simonetti*
“We take for granted the monumental work that we in The United Methodist Church do,” said Bishop Thomas Bickerton, the board president for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). “It’s normal to us, but it’s viewed as exceptional work by the outside world.” 
UMCOR’s board of directors approved an unprecedented amount in the form of grants during the annual spring board meeting. More than $46 million was awarded in support of disaster relief and recovery, global health projects, and sustainable development. 
A significant amount of money was approved for grants supporting ongoing recovery projects related to 2017 disasters, including wildfires in California and hurricanes. 
It is estimated that last year’s hurricanes caused more than $200 billion worth of damage in the United States. To alleviate some of the burden on impacted communities in the United States and in the Caribbean, UMCOR approved $7 million in grants during its 2017 fall board meeting