UMCOR in Iraq

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A beneficiary in Iraq carries an UMCOR bag full of the hygiene supplies that will meet the needs of every member in his family.
The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is supporting partner GlobalMedic in providing hygiene materials to internally displaced Iraqis in Sulaymaniyah, a Kurdistan region of Iraq, due to ongoing conflict. 

The crisis, which has caused 2.5 million people to be displaced from their homes, is severely hindering access to basic necessities. Some 159,800 internally displaced persons are sheltering in Sulaymaniyah, and a total of nearly 800,000 displaced people are settling in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. 

With UMCOR funding, GlobalMedic is distributing hygiene relief-supply kits to 920 displaced families and 92 newborn kits to families with newborn children. The hygiene kits, which will be delivered over a three-month period, also contain products that will serve the needs of all the individuals in a family.