United Methodist women bring Christmas gifts and live among the poor (Sierra Leone)

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During the United Methodist Women’s convention in Kabala, northern Sierra Leone, women break up into groups and go into the rural communities to live and work with the community. In addition to their prayer ministry, they also take gifts of clothing, shoes or toiletries.

By Phileas Jusu
Dec. 16, 2016 | KABALA, Sierra Leone (UMNS)
Carrying large plastic bags filled with Christmas gifts, the United Methodist Women of Sierra Leone went on an Ubuntu journey Dec. 7-11 that led them through rural communities to share the good news of Jesus Christ.
“Ubuntu” is a Zulu word meaning, “I am because you are,” explained Beatrice Fofanah, outgoing coordinator of the group.
The women meet annually and this year were in Kabala, northern Sierra Leone.
“About seven years ago, when I was Women’s Coordinator, I attended an Ubuntu program in America. I was so moved by the impact of the Ubuntu journey that I decided to replicate it into the women’s program in Sierra Leone,” Fofanah said.
Ubuntu has continued to be a significant program of the women’s annual convention for the past seven years with many success stories, she said.
“The women go into the communities and, for a few hours, live and work with the community,” said Ethel Sandy, the new Women’s Coordinator. “In addition to their prayer ministry, social interaction, they also take gifts with them — clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. And they take along a lot of love and warmth to the community they visit.”