Will Miller Award to Robin Bohanan

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Robin was recognized for excellence in family medicine with the annual award from Lehigh Valley Health Network. We are blessed. The nomination is below.

From the time Robin joined LVPG until her untimely death, she was the embodiment of  all the qualities that Will Miller espoused, particularly relationship centered care. She had a profound impact on colleagues, patients, friends and her community. She was a constant source of steady counsel and direction, a valued and trusted colleague, educator and friend. Over the course of her career, she volunteered, taught communities to care for their HIV/AIDS patients and did lifesaving research in Lesotho, South Africa and Ghana. She taught and mentored several CRNP candidates from local institutions. She was truly an advocate for her patients. She coordinated their care with local specialists, she had the largest cohort of HIV/AIDS patients in FM. She worked tirelessly to minimize healthcare disparities. Shortly after her diagnosis with an aggressive cancer, she was unable to return to work and within a few weeks entered Hospice Care. One of her biggest disappointments at that time was the inability to see and care for her patients. She authored a goodbye letter to her patients and much like she articulated to colleagues, she reminded them that her work lives on in each of us. She lived life to the fullest, her legacy is her integrity, empathy and compassion. She would encourage us to celebrate, laugh and love.

The Will Miller, M.D., M.A. Award for Demonstrated Excellence in the Craft of Family Medicine

The Will Miller, M.D., M.A. Award for Demonstrated Excellence in the Craft of Family Medicine is awarded annually to a Family Medicine clinician who exemplifies the core attributes of Family Medicine.  In choosing the recipient of this award, the following are considered:

  • Provision of care that aligns with the pillars of Primary Care (PCMH):  Personal (first contact care), Longitudinal Continuity over time, Comprehensiveness – capacity to provide care for the majority of health problems, and Coordination of Care with other parts of the health care system
  • Improving the health of the individual, their families and communities by integrating the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences to optimize health care equity and minimize health outcome disparities
  • Excellence in Relationship-Centered Care