Worship notes 12 Dec

Worship notes 12 Dec

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Prelude by Joan

Lighting candles/lantern

Called to Worship

Song, joy to the world #246 vv 1,2,3

Praying the Scripture

The Peace – chat online!


Advent Wreath, TBD (9), Chelsey & Joslyn (10:45)

Zephaniah 3.14-20

Song, o come o come Emmanuel, REFRAIN, #211

Children’s Time, signs of Christmas – light

By Kreider family

Song: star child v 1, FWS #2095

IF INTERESTED IN SHARING in this way, let us know



Luke 3.7-18

Read text, by Kyle Kreider


Song, noel


Include joys & concerns in chat

Our Father …


·       Christmas Past, Present, Future (Grief group), Dec 16

·       Caroling & Bonfire, Dec 19

·       Christmas Eve at 7 and 11

·       Kim Carpenter, blankets for the homeless

·       Christmas Eve Offering for Mission

Conversation starters

·       When it comes to responding to disaster, are you more like Chicken Little or the camp counselor chasing a bear?

·       How does your anger and anxiety get in the way of a productive response to the disasters you face?

·       What do you think about John’s definition of wealth as having two coats?

·       Share any experience you have had as an outcast.

·       What does it mean to you that you can find the Messiah “sitting among the poor covered with wounds”?

·       Discuss the Messiah’s response to disaster: “We join the poor, we are authentic with our wounds, and we save the lame and gather the outcast.”

Giving Back to God


Giving methods – mail, bill pay, PayPal

Doxology – Traditional

Prayer by Chris Shuman

Song, it came upon the midnight #218 vv 1,3

Blessing, Philippians 4.4-7