Youth Center in Alabama

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In Hobson City, Alabama, the Sable Learning Center, a program of Community Enabler Developer, Inc., (CED), helps redirect the lives of children and youth who live in economically disadvantaged areas by helping them work through issues of anger, bullying, depression, or suicide. 

The program builds self-awareness, boosts self-esteem and offers youth emotional support in a conducive learning environment. Here, they can confront and process these often difficult issues, while also participating in the program’s life skills, reading, math and computer training classes. The program also provides nutritious meals and snacks and assists youth with school fees and supplies. 

A Global Ministries grant to CED will benefit participants of the Sable Learning Center by providing the youth with school supplies and nutritious food and also support the program activities in the bullying and suicide prevention curriculum. 

The Learning Center is open year round and offers classes in music expression; art and drama; spiritual development through the learning of Bible principles; nutrition and exercise, and parental support. 

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